KiKi Maroon


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KiKi Maroon is a producer, costume designer, emcee, and burlesque clown. She was named one of  Houston’s 100 Most Creative People by The Houston Press for her work creating KiKi’s Sordid Sideshow, KiKi Maroon’s BurlyQ Lounge, The Midnight Circus, and the wildly successful Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival.  She’s happiest while making people laugh, which is obvious to anyone in the audience and led to her being crowned the 2013 Burlesque Comedy Queen in the Plumb Askew Revue Comedy Cup. KiKi is also on the cast of the Outlaw Dave Radio Show which can be heard on 950AM in Houston, TX.


Now for the FAKE bio. This one is MUCH more interesting:

KiKi Maroon was born the bastard child of Gypsy Rose Lee and Bozo the Clown. Fear of their affair becoming public lead them to abandon her at birth, in the elephant cage of a circus train. She was rescued and raised a carnie child, the adopted daughter of a retired ring master and bearded woman. KiKi studied the circus arts from a very young age with dreams of becoming the worlds fattest tight rope walker. Sadly, puberty brought upon a hotness that could not be contained and no matter how much cotton candy she would eat, her weight remained the same. It became clear that Burlesque Clown was the only job that could utilize her particular talents. She now travels from town to town, show to show, pitching circus tents where ever she goes.
Not only is KiKi your lovely host and performer (aka ‘The Ring Master of Ceremonies”) ; she is the producer, costume designer, and in charge of the general insanity that is KiKi’s Sordid Sideshow.



“KiKi Maroon Live in San Antonio” remixed by Outerzone Media